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28 Miles Street
Mulgrave VIC 3170

03 9561 4301

High performance fenders to protect any vessel while it's in dock. Designed and manufactured in Melbourne for Australian conditions.

Co-Extruded Fender Installation

Boss Marine Fenders are simple to install, requiring no specialised skills. These instructions are for the Co-Extruded Fender.

Please remember to employ the proper safety procedures when working in and around water and heights.

Required Equipment

  • Appropriate Fixing Screw (adjust screw type according to fixing surface)

  • Measuring Tape

  • Power Drill

The following symbols are used throughout this manual for ease of use:

screw and drilled hole.png

          1. Aluminium/Stainless Steel Strip   

 2. Drilled Hole

Installation Instructions

The Co-Extruded Fender varies in its installation as it does not require guide holes or an aluminium/stainless steel fixing strip.

Step 1: Measure and mark the desired location of the screw in the top and bottom channels of the Fender (see image below). The screw should be no further than 150mm apart from the centrelines.

Step 2: Depending on its length, have somebody help you hold the fender in the desired position. The top flange (lip) should be resting on top of the pier, see the below diagram.

Step 3: Using a power drill, fix the screws into position.

SIDE VIEW:  Co-Extruded Fender (no aluminium/stainless steel fixing strip required)

SIDE VIEW: Co-Extruded Fender (no aluminium/stainless steel fixing strip required)

If you have any questions, please contact Boss Marine Fenders on +61 (03) 9561 4301 or send us an email at